Change Log - 19th April 2020

New developments!

Over the last couple of months we have added a significant amount of new features. Including ramping up our accessibility, as well as a new interaction and a new way to add branching navigation.

The Topic Progress interaction

The Topic Progress interaction provides a unique way to navigate between topics. It can act as a ‘portal’ where you can place it anywhere within a module and the user gets a dashboard showing their over arching progress.

It can also be a great “dive-in, dive-out” landing page to jump between topics.

Advanced navigation

We had an influx of requests to link a button destination to a specific interaction (rather than a topic). So well… we built it! Simply click on the button you wish to add a new destination, click on ‘advanced navigation:

Then select the specific interaction you wish it to point towards (it can be deep within a topic if you wish).

Accessibility Updates

We have been working on ensuring that the modules meet all the WCAG 2.0 standards. We have added a high contrast mode which bumps up the focus styles, as well as the ability to set focus colours of buttons. We have also worked with Vision Australia to confirm that the general behaviour interacts well with accessibility tooling such as screen readers.


We are currently working on optimising the performance of modules. This covers many areas, but our first target was to remove as much “jank” when navigating between interactions which is in this release. This is an incremental process and continue to improve over time.

Module Duplication

We have changed the way module duplication works so that now assets are copied correctly when duplicated and can be found within the project asset library.

Bug Fixes

As we get more authors coming on board we receive more bug reports. We have been diligently filing these and applying fixes where appropriate. We really appreciate all the time that goes into reporting these and it helps everyone.

So don’t forget, if you have an issue with the tool, or see something that you think might be a little incorrect, leave us a message in the support widget on the button right hand corner of the application.

Change Log - 9th January 2020

Happy New Year!

Setting the tone for this year, we have made a scheduled plan to release our publicly release on Thursday evening.

Here are the updates to chameleon made on the between our last release and the 8th of Feb. This change provides a new way to handle assets within the editor, as well as a place to discover and use assets provided by the chameleon team. we have also fixed a large number of bugs and there are a number of small features to help you use the platform.

The media library

The media library provides a new future of how you use assets in chameleon. You may have previously noticed that you can see a projects assets list at the bottom of the projects page in the admin. Now you can your assets in the editor.

With an image selected, there is now a button “insert media” where the old upload image button was. This will open the media library. From there you can select a previously uploaded image or upload a new one.

This will reduce the final zip size of your project and also speed up loading assets in the project.

The chameleon asset library

In the media library, we have also added an asset library that you can find free to use colourable images. This is a library that we have just started and contains a small number. But we will continue to add to it over time.

We would love your feedback on what you think of this feature and what you might like to see in the future.

Topic Backgrounds

Interactions have been able to have background images for some time. We have now enabled this at a topic level. The image stays fixed and the content scrolls over the top of it.

Bug Fixes

  • Accordions no longer break, you can change image placement and number of accordion elements.
  • Login now works correctly in all iOS based devices.
  • Placeholder icon is now the chameleon logo in the editor
  • Add a few options back to multi-choice the disappeared during last years refactor.

Thats a majority view of the changes we have made. As mentioned at the top of the post, we are looking to deploy publicly new features every Thursday, to provide certainty to our release schedule.

As always, if you encounter any issues, please let us know if you run into any issue.

See you next week.

Change Log - 3rd December 2019

Here are the updates to chameleon made on the 3rd of December, 2019. This change is a complete overhaul of the admin interface. It contains roughly the same functionality and a few extra niceties.

A UI Refresh

This refresh focuses on allowing you to find what you are looking for, and providing appropriate feedback when something is happening or if something went wrong.

The project panel now has a filter by owner box. This allows you show a subset of your projects. It also allows you to search by project name. There is also a inline project creation modal to speed this process up

The project page has a new spaced design with cards for owner and users. This should look familiar to users.

Modals also have a new look too.

And there is a new login experience too.

What it all means

All these UI changes also come with many behind the scenes changes. That means that despite extensive testing there may be a few here and there, If you get stuck and need some help, or something is broken, We will be on extra high alert over the next few days to help you out.

We look forward to sharing the next phase of chameleon with you.

Change Log - 26th November 2019

Here are the updates to chameleon made on the 26th of October, 2019. There are many non-visible changes as well as a few functional ones. First, a quick overview of the changes.

  • A UI refresh for the sidebar
  • A new hotspot interaction
  • Lots of stability and bug fixes.

A UI Refresh

The sidebar of the main editor is always having more content added to it. As more use cases are required, or additional functionality added, some screens have grown too large. To accommodate this we have applied a few design patterns to help declutter and place emphasis where required. We hope you like it.


This is the second iteration of the hotspot. We are still working on making it incredible, but its working and ready for use.

Heres a quick preview of what it may look like.

We have also made a lot of small bug fixes and just making the editor better. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Change Log - 9th October 2019

Here are the updates to chameleon made on the 9th of October, 2019. There are many non-visible changes as well as a few functional ones. First, a quick overview of the changes.

  • A new interaction, the 5 star rating.
  • Branching is now available from a question’s feedback.
  • A new way to add and remove list based content (eg. carousels).
  • Link colours now capture underline colour correctly.

5 Star Interaction

The new 5 star interaction is designed to give you feedback on your module. The feedback works by sending the users filled in data to a given email address by opening a native email sending widget. This will work despite being inside an LMS.

Heres a quick preview of what it may look like.

Question Branching

We received feedback that it would be powerful to branch based on the answer that you choose in a question. We know allow you to go to a different topic in a feedback modal by changing the buttons location. This works for multi-choice and sortation.

List Based Content

In a number of places, we allow you to change the number of “items”. This may be continue buttons, carousel slides, accordion fields, etc.

Previously, you could only remove the last item in the list. If you wanted to remove the first one, you would have to delete all your content and then re add all the items and enter their content.

No more.

We now have a list editor. Click plus button to a new item, and click the item label to remove it.

That is a high level overview. We have also:

  • been looking at some structural changes to the editor to enable further growth in the future.
  • made many small and some large bug fixes.

We hope to have some more changes early next week.